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Crazy Taxi – The Legendary Game

4fb41ac5-c86a-38ad-80a8-1f75fde9c06fCrazy Taxi is in fact one of the most popular flash game today, despite the fact that it was created long ago and the gameplay as well as graphics is rather poor. The main mission of the player in Crazy Taxi Game is to drive as fast as possible in order to get to the destination in time.  The car is really crazy, because it can jump over other cars.  The first level of the game is really simple, but as you progress in crazy taxi game,  the traffic on the road becomes bigger, and it is getting difficult to avoid other cars.

Crazy Taxi is a game which is mostly based on your reaction and skills. Hope you will enjoy the Crazy Taxi as well as the second version of the game, which is also available at our website. Controls of the game are very simple – just hold Arrow Up for speed and Spacebar to jump. Enjoy.